Natalie Fernandez Releases 'A Un Semejante' Music Video

A Un SemejanteNatalie Fernandez Releases 'A Un Semejante' Music Video

Natalie Fernandez makes her directorial debut in a timely video with music and lyrics from the 1976 classic by Eladia Blázquez.

A un semejante
(Eladia Blázquez)

Vení, charlemos, sentáte un poco,
Come and sit, let's chat for a while

La humanidad se viene encima
Humanity is at a turning point

Ya no podemos hermano loco
We can't, my dear brother,

Buscar a dios por las esquinas
find God where we used to.

Se lo llevaron, lo secuestraron
They took Him! They kidnapped Him!

Y nadie paga su rescate,
And no one seems to want to pay the ransom.

Vení que afuera esta el turbión
Come in, outside there's a whirlwind

De tanta gente sin piedad
Of countless merciless people  
De tanto ser sin corazón.
Of countless heartless souls.

Si a vos te duele como a mí
If it hurts you as it hurts me

La lluvia en el jardín y en una rosa,
To watch it rain in a garden or on a rose

Si te dan ganas de llorar
If it moved you to tears

A fuerza de vibrar, por cualquier cosa
Awakens the desire to stand up for something
Decí qué hacemos vos y yo
Tell me! What are we going to do?

Qué cosa vos y yo sobre este mundo
Both you and I, about our world?

Sembrando amor en un desierto
As we sow love in a desert

Tan estéril y tan muerto, que no crece
That's so sterile and dead
Ya la flor
That not even a flower can grow.

Vení charlemos, sentáte un poco
Come and sit,
No ves que sos mi semejante
don't you know you're my fellow men?

A ver probemos, hermano loco,
I say we try, crazy brother,

Salvar el alma cuanto antes,
To save humanity as soon as possible

Es un asombro tener tu hombro
Such a wonder to have you here

Y es un milagro la ternura
Such a miracle to feel your tenderness

Sentir tu mano fraternal
To have your helping hand

Saber que siempre para vos
And know that always for you

El bien es bien y el mal es mal
The good is good and the bad
Is bad.