Darryl Yokley - Sound Reformation

Darryl Yokley Sound Reformation
This has been one of the busiest years for Sound Reformation since the inception of the band.  Some of the dealings have taken place on the bandstand, some not, but all are contributing to a new era for the band.

The Band played steadily from February through May and have enjoyed playing the new material that Yokley has written for the band.  Some of these originals have been Latin based tunes which have evolved in to a new project that Yokley is calling The Latin Experiment.  The original members of the band are joined by world renowned percussionist Johny Rivero (aka Little Johny) who plays congas with the legendary Eddie Palmieri.  The band debuted the project back in May and it was received with much enthusiasm with people dancing and cheering to the music the entire time.  Yokley, who likes to draw influence from other art forms has written this music in honor of the novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez entitled 100 Years of Solitude.  The band enjoyed premiering this new project  and it is on deck to be record after Sound Reformation records their second album.

Before the Latin Experiment sees anytime in the recording studio Sound Reformation must first record their second album with special guest Nasheet Waits joining the band to make up a double drum sextet ensemble.  The music for this album is unlike anything the band recorded for their debut album The Void.  Where the Void showcased many different stories and influences for each individual composition the second album is a focused story from start to end with the compositions all working together in succession.  The sounds of these compositions are also very different as they are heavily influenced by African music, history, and culture, which is the subject of the second album.  The band has plans to record the album at the end of the year or at the start of 2015 and it will be released on Truth Revolution Records. As mentioned before Yokley enjoys collaborating with other disciplines of art and for this particular project he has decided to work with visual artists and create original works of art to accompany each song on the album.  The uniqueness of the project has already started to catch the attention of the public even before a single note has been recorded.

One of the places who has found the project intriguing is The Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Liking the idea of combing the original African influenced music with original works of art, Yokley has been asked to compose original works of music to selected paintings of African American visual art which will be premiered by Sound Reformation at the Museum of Art in Philadelphia in January 2015.  Without even having recorded the second album yet, a sequel project to the African project has already developed, and as with all the other projects, Darryl and his bandmates look forward to bringing all this music to life.

IMG 2670And as if combining forces with visual artists for the next record wasn't enough, Yokley has plans to write accompaniment music for a small woodwind chamber ensemble to accompany the band as well as an orchestral accompaniment version.  While it hasn't been decided whether the band will record the music with this accompaniment one thing is for sure is that the project will be presented in many mediums and will be presented well.  Sound Reformation is scheduled to premiere this project with the Drexel University Wind Ensemble in June of 2015, giving the ambitious project a home already.

As fall is fast approaching be on the look out for more performances of the band in the near future and be sure to check back for more news updates as the year draws closer to an end and to the recording of the second album.  More soon to come!