Brian McCarthy's "Better Angel" CD featured in "The Art Music Lounge"

Jun 28, 2017.

As an arranger and soloist, McCarthy is clearly influenced by the larger cool jazz bands of the 1950s and ‘60s led by such writers as Gil Evans, George Russell, Tony Scott..... by Lynn René Bayley (read more).

Andy Gonzalez featured in

Jun 28, 2017.

"Among colleagues," the solo debut of a music legend, Andy Gonzalez. Tribute with the hint of a jam. (read more).

Syzygy Press Release

Mar 21, 2017.

Earlier this year Truth Revolution Recording Collective and the Curtis Brothers (Zaccai and Luques) released SYZYGY (an astronomical term that represents the alignment of three celestial objects) with a minimum of fanfare.... By Tomas Peña (read more).

TRR Artists are Keeping "Jazz with a Spanish Tinge" in Vogue

Mar 21, 2017.

The New York Times recently suggested those in search of Latin jazz's newest developments look beyond the Grammys, and rightly so.... by Jeff Mitchell (read more).

Josiah Woodson Press Release

Mar 21, 2017.

Currently based out of Paris, Josiah Woodson is poised to take the international music scene by storm.... by Tomas Peña (read more).

Curtis Brothers Quartet "Syzygy" Reviewed in All about Jazz

Mar 08, 2017.

(4.5 stars) Jazz music is constantly in a state of flux. It feeds off of new ideas and innovation to keep the music vital, and growing... (read more).

TRR's Sarah Elizabeth Charles mentioned in Downbeat article

Feb 25, 2017.

It continues with an inspired collaboration between vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles and trumpeter Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, who co-produced Charles’ critically-acclaimed 2015 release, Inner Dialogue (Truth Revolution Records)... By Shannon J. Effinger (read more).

Curtis Brothers Quartet - 'Syzygy' review

Jan 12, 2017.

The Curtis Brothers Quartet's new album, Syzygy is dropping in mid-December where it will be (very) unfortunately overlooked as critics and listeners turn our collective attention to.... by Ben Gray (read more).

Kris Allen—Jazz CD Reviews for December 2016

Jan 12, 2017.

Kris Allen is an excellent alto and soprano-saxophonist with his own sound. While Jackie McLean was a mentor, Allen has a cooler tone and does not sound at all like him. However like McLean, he... by Scott Yanow (read more).

Little Johnny Rivero—‘Music in Me’ review

Dec 26, 2016.

Percussionist Vicente “Little Johnny” Rivero has had a fruitful career, but his recorded legacy is sparse. He released his debut, 2006’s Pasos Gigantes...... by David Whiteis (read more).

Little Johnny Rivero Interview (Part 2), Curtis Brothers, Andy Gonzalez

Dec 21, 2016.

Our artist spotlight features part two of my interview with conguero and bandleader Little Johnny Rivero, who released the wonderful Latin Jazz album Music in Me.... by Chip Boaz (read more).

Afro-Cuban Legend Cándido Honored

Nov 29, 2016.

NEA Jazz Master Cándido Camero is among the last contemporaries of Cuban conguero Chano Pozo, who, in the late 1940s... by Russ Musto (read more).

Master Timbalero Ralph Irizarry

Nov 13, 2016.

Ralph Irizarry, recognized worldwide as an excellent percussionist, first fell in love with the timbal at an early age when his father coincidentally brought home a set received as payment for a debt.
(read more).

Luques Curtis Critics Poll

Aug 01, 2016.

Rising Bass Star winner Luques Curtis on his approach to music

(read more).

Little Johnny Rivero

Aug 01, 2016.

Little Johnny Rivero - Music In Me All about Little Johnny ad his most recent solo album "Music In Me"
(read more).

Orice Jenkin’s “Soar"

Jul 07, 2016.

Young Hartford native Orice Jenkins on his full length album “Soar.” Jenkins has performed and composed with a multitude of performers in the Hartford area and collaborated with many to make “Soar.”

(read more).

Kris Allen Featured on All About Jazz!

Jul 07, 2016.

Bassist Paul Brown Kris Allen’s latest album “Beloved” receives a rave review from Mark Corroto on All About Jazz.
(read more).

4 TRR artists perform with the great Eddie Palmieri!

May 24, 2016.

4 TRR artists perform with the great Eddie Palmieri!

Eddie Palmieri Reprises a Tantalizing ‘Harlem River Drive’
by Ben Ratliff for The New York Times
(read more).

Hartford Celebrates Paul Brown

Apr 29, 2016.

Bassist Paul Brown Matt Chasen writes about Hartford's Celebration of Bassist Paul Brown
(read more).

Ralph Peterson Jr - Triangular III Live Concert Review

Apr 22, 2016.

Triangular III Live Concert Review at NightTown

At the age of 53, Ralph Peterson has come full circle in terms of his role in modern jazz. Back in the '80s, he was considered a "young lion" when he debuted with hard bop collective Out of the Blue...
(read more).

Mitch Frohman Daddy with Love

Apr 11, 2016.

From Daddy With Love - album cover Mitch Frohman's 'From Daddy with Love' - Reviewed on

To be correct from the start, this recording by Mitch Frohman and his Latin Jazz Quartet, From Daddy With Love was released almost three years ago. But it still merits attention for the simple reason that the two-disc set is very possibly Frohman’s finest studio performance to date. It is a hard choice to make simply because Mitch Frohman is a consistently brilliant performer – live or in the studio. However, there is so much music to
(read more).

Triangular III

Mar 26, 2016.

Triangular III Triangular III
Ralph Peterson (Onyx-Truth Revolution)
by Russ Musto (REVIEW)

Drummer-led piano trio dates are uncommon entries within the jazz discography, differing from sessions under the leadership of pianists and bassists. Unshackled from the restrictive role of sideman, the drummer-leader is more apt to utilize the full dynamic range of his instrument, becoming more of a creative voice and less a metronomic timekeeper.
(read more).

Truth Revolution at the Zinc Bar NYC!

Mar 13, 2016.

Truth Revolution at the Zinc Bar NYC! Truth Revolution Records artists at the Zinc Bar coming up for 3 weeks straight!

All of these artists have new releases from 2015 and will be rocking their music this month at the Zinc Bar! So make your way down to the village and warm up at one of NYC's hottest Jazz establishments! Most of these shows have a jam session right after that attracts the city's finest young musicians so you might want to stick around for that as well!
(read more).

Andy Gonzalez Featured on

Jan 20, 2016.

Andy GonzalezAndy Gonzales Interview Conducted by Truth Revolution Recording Collective

TRR: Who did you choose for Entre Colegas and why?

Andy Gonzalez: I was working a lot with timbalero Ricky Salas. He’s a great singer and the nephew of Victor Paz. Cuatro player Orlando Santiago aka Mostro got in touch with my brother Jerry via Facebook. Also, a friend took us to Detroit, brought Mostroand introduced me to him. He said, “Listen to this guy play the cuatro and tell me who he is. ” I replied, “Oh my God, who the hell is this guy? That’s not Yomo Toro.” I didn’t know who it was, but I knew it was someone on that level, of that caliber. Afterward, Mostro and I talked, and he paid me a visit. He’s a great musician.
(Read More)

Aidan Carroll Downbeat Magazine Review

Nov 06, 2015.

Aidan CarrollAidan Carroll's Original Vision Reviewed in Downbeat Magazine!

There’s as much creativity in his reinvention of Billy Strayhorn’s “Day Dream”, the one non-original, a bass-piano duet with Fortner. “Shamanistic” is pulsing acoustic jazz with the subtlest sheen of keyboards (likely Carroll’s) creeping in toward the end....
(read more).

Sarah Elizabeth Charles - The Cell

Nov 06, 2015.

Sarah Elizabeth CharlesSarah Elizabeth Charles Quartet Residency at The Cell

The Sarah Elizabeth Charles Quartet will be playing our Residency at The Cell for the first three Saturdays of November (one set at 7:30pm) and I hope that you can make it out! We're fresh off of our West Coast run and cannot wait to continue to explore this music with and for you!

11/7 (double bill with James Hurt Quintet - Alone Together)
11/14 (double bill with The Shenel Johns Quintet)
11/21 (double bill with The Jarrett Cherner Trio)

Get your tickets at: The Cell Theatre

Ralph Irizarry - In Conversation with Master Timbalero

Oct 11, 2015.

Ralph IrizarryIn Conversation with Master Timbalero, Ralph Irizarry

Ralph Irizarry: This is not one of those stories about a famous musician who said, I started when I was three or four years old, like a lot of guys who had parents who were in the music business. Nobody in my family was in the music industry, but my father used to lend money to people, so I remember when I was about eight years old, my father lent money to a guy who was a drug-addict, 25 dollars or something like that, but the guy didn’t have the money to pay him back, so he offered him a set of timbales in exchange for the money. My father thought it was better to get something than nothing, so he accepted them (Laughs).

Read article

Natalie Fernandez Releases 'A Un Semejante' Music Video

Jun 20, 2015.

A Un SemejanteNatalie Fernandez Releases 'A Un Semejante' Music Video

Natalie Fernandez makes her directorial debut in a timely video with music and lyrics from the 1976 classic by Eladia Blá more

Aidan Carroll Anchor Music News

Apr 23, 2015.

Aidan Carroll featured in Anchor Music News

I would say to think beyond your immediate area. Think broader. Always think broader. There’s going to be a time where we all have to develop our craft. That’s a given. Beyond that; music, art and living is about exchange. read more


Apr 23, 2015.

Cocomama featured at JazzDeLePena

The group dates back to 2005, when we got a call to perform at a fundraiser for then New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. The success of the performance led to other gigs and from this Cocomama was born. (read more).

Aidan Carroll CD Release Show

Apr 11, 2015.

Aidan CarrollAidan Carrol's "Original Vision" CD Release Show at Rockwood Music Hall on April 15th

Join Aidan Carroll as he celebrates the release of his forthcoming album Original Vision at Rockwood Music Hall. Carroll’s upcoming concert follows the release of his latest video for “Sundays” featuring Chris Turner. Rocking alongside the bassist on this joyous occasion are John Ellis (sax), Chris Turner (vocals), David Bryant (piano) and Justin Brown (drums). Tickets plus info, (click here).

Sarah Elizabeth Charles - Inner Dialogue

Apr 01, 2015.

Sarah Elizabeth CharlesSarah Elizabeth Charles' "Inner Dialogue" Now Available!

Sarah Elizabeth Charles’ sophomore record, “Inner Dialogue” is now released on Truth Revolution Records after two years of creatively crafting what has come to be a lush, modern and original collection of material. The release of this full-length project follows Charles’ debut EP, “Red”, which came out in 2012. This new recording is pushing even more boundaries and allowing Charles and her band, the S.E.Charles Quartet, to spread their wings and explore a more layered and produced sound.

article link

Aidan Carroll CD Release

Mar 04, 2015.

Aidan CarrollOriginal Vision by Aidan Carroll now Available on Truth Revolution Records!

Truth Revolution Records is announcing the release of rising bassist Aidan Carroll’s debut album Original Vision. With over nine years experience, Carroll has performed and recorded in New York and internationally with greats like Aaron Goldberg, Seamus Blake, Fred Hersch, Melody Gardot, and Lisa Fischer. His work infuses the influences of his musical gurus to create a nuanced, dynamic album with a soulful jazz sound.

Eva Cortés CD Release Parties

Feb 19, 2015.

Eva Cortés

Monday, February 16th at Blue Note - New York, NY

Monday, February 23rd at Black Eyed-Sally's Hartford, CT

Friday, February 27th at An Die Musik Baltimore, MD

Truth Revolution Records & Musiq Haus Showcase Hosted by Zinc Bar

Jan 12, 2015.

12JAN2015 Music Showcase

Truth Revolution Records and Musiq Haus will be showcasing several great new acts during the APAP Conference at the Zinc Bar.

article link

Pharez Whitted - The Tree of Life

Jan 07, 2015.

Album Cover Pick up newly released CD "The Tree Of Life" by Pharez Whitted

Practically everyone in the house played an instrument and that raw talent surely wouldn’t be wasted on Pharez Whitted either. At the age of nine he found a trumpet in the closet and asked his brother to show him how to play a C major scale, and it was all over – he was hooked. It wasn’t just that his father (Thomas Whitted Sr.) played drums with Freddie Hubbard and Wes Montgomery, or that his mother (Virtue Whitted) sang and played the bass, it was the deeply rooted love he had for the music and his close ties with it.

article link

Eva Cortés Featured on JazzDeLaPena

Dec 03, 2014.

Eva CortésHonduran singer-songwriter, composer Eva Cortés possesses one of the most singular and compelling voices in jazz and creative music. Her music honors her roots and looks to the future with depth and passion. She sees herself as a woman of today with the advantage of growing up in a multicultural milieu and primed for the journey by a musical family of singers, instrumentalists and music teachers.

article link

jazzdelapena article link

Darryl Yokley - Sound Reformation

Sep 06, 2014.

Darryl Yokley Sound Reformation
This has been one of the busiest years for Sound Reformation since the inception of the band. Some of the dealings have taken place on the bandstand, some not, but all are contributing to a new era for the band.

article link

Cocomama - Quiero

Jun 20, 2014.


Sly 5th Ave - Akuma

Jun 09, 2014.

Sly 5th Ave4 Stars!

Saxophonist Sylvester Onyejiaka, Sly5thAve, shows he is a sophisticated composer with a promising future on his debut disc, Akuma. Originally from Austin, Texas, and now based in New York, Onyejiaka has toured with Prince and the New Power Generation and currently backs Prince alumna, vocalist Liv Warfield. Here he steps out as a leader, pulling together a sextet with strong contributions from guests like violinist Zach Brock and vocalist Denitia Odigie.

article link

TRR Concert Series 2014

Jun 04, 2014.

TRR Concert Series with Andy Gonzalez

Truth Revolution Records Concert Series 2014 with Andy Gonzalez

Saturday, June 7, 2014
from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Please join us as we welcome Andy Gonzalez back to Hartford at the Polish National Home, 60 Charter Oak Ave, Hartford, CT. read more

Buy Now

Natalie Fernandez - Nuestro Tango

Mar 13, 2014.

Natalie Fernandez album cover: Nuestro Tango

The idiom of African-Latin idiom is becoming more popular, with the “sudden” discovery of so many fine artists who have contributed to making it so ever since the idiom was infused into the Jazz phraseology at the turn of the 20th Century, in a twin “attack” from several fronts.
article link


Jan 16, 2014.

Innder Dialog screen shotThis Campaign has been launched TODAY and will help fund the S.E.Charles Quartet's sophomore record "Inner Dialogue"! A portion of the proceeds will also go directly to the children of Rise2Shine!

This Campaign has been launched TODAY and will help fund the S.E.Charles Quartet's sophomore record "Inner Dialogue"! A portion of the proceeds will also go directly to the children of Rise2Shine!
read more

Mitch Frohman working with JWP Agency/ Jim Wadsworth Productions

Jan 16, 2014.

Mitch Frohman

So expect many more performances from Mr. Frohman and his Latin Jazz Quartet! Check out his page on the jwp website

Haitian Benefit

Jan 16, 2014.

LiveWire: Sarah Elizabeth Charles to headline Haiti benefit

Sarah Elizabeth Charles

Sarah Elizabeth Charles remembers when Robyn Newhouse Hall at the Community Music School of Springfield was just a waiting room with some offices and a small performance space for CMSS recitals.

Now, the 180-seat venue is a state-of-the-art auditorium and will serve as the locale for a homecoming of sorts as Charles brings her S.E. Charles Quartet to the site for a special concert on Thursday night.

read more

Latin Jazz Corner

Jan 04, 2014.

Mitch Frohman album cover: From Daddy with LoveAfter hearing a performer make their way through a career lasting several decades, it’s easy to believe that you’ve heard everything they have to offer. Any musician that’s worked at a high level for that long has undoubtedly performed and recorded in many contexts, producing a large body of work.

read more

Jazz Corridor

Dec 08, 2013.

Long time Jazz Advocate/ Writer for the Hartford Courant, Owen McNally. Known for his writings, "Riffs: Jazz Notes" Among his many great articles he has written about: The Curtis Brothers, Kris Allen, Albert Rivera, The Pork Pie Hat Series and many more.

Owen McNally Writes...

“Although my long-running jazz column has been canceled by The Courant as part of the paper’s changes in its Thursday presentation, I’m at this moment beginning a new regional jazz column for WNPR on its website,   read more

Lucid Culture Reviews Nuestro Tango

Nov 17, 2013.

Natalie Fernandez album cover: Nuestro Tango

Agile, Slinky Latin Jazz Cross-Pollination from Natalie Fernandez

Singer Natalie Fernandez has a genre-smashing new album out, Nuestro Tango, a collaboration with a shapeshifting band whose core is pianist Zaccai Curtis’ Insight. Curtis, a member of both Donald Harrison and Cindy Blackmon’s bands, knows a thing or two about cross-pollination

read more


Aug 08, 2013.

2nd Annual Music Revolution Festival

• Ralph Irizarry and Timbalaye
• Igmar Thomas and the Cypher
• Carlos Abadie
• Ed Fast's Conga Bop
• Tony Gonzalez Youth Percussion Ensemble

Saturday August 24th
Polish National Home 1-6PM


A Walking Encyclopedia Of Rhythms': Remembering Steve Berrios

Aug 08, 2013.

Steve Berrios

by Felix Contreras

It is not easy to play both jazz drum set and Afro-Caribbean percussion. Lots of drummers do it, but few have mastered it in a way that makes their sound in either style unmistakable from the first beat.

The music community lost one of those true innovators Wednesday with the death of percussionist Steve Berrios in New York at age 68. Berrios could move seamlessly from jazz to Afro-Cuban rhythms in a way that perfectly reflected his bicultural roots.


Review of the S.E.Charles Quartet’s Debut Recording “Red”

Aug 08, 2013.

Russ MustoSarah Elizabeth Charles stands out as a new breed of jazz vocalist – deeply rooted in the jazz tradition, well educated in the music’s methods and highly motivated to make her very own mark in it. Charles, who grew up in Springfield, Mass, singing hymns in church, studying classical piano and attending the city’s esteemed Community Music School developed a preteen interest in jazz when initially exposed to it by her first vocal instructor, Montenia Shider. In subsequent years she immersed herself in interpreting the Great American Songbook, developing her technique with further studies at Vermont Jazz Center’s Summer Program (where she was mentored by Sheila Jordan and Jay Clayton) and at Dr. Billy Taylor’s “Jazz In July” at UMASS Amherst.

read more

Kris Allen CD Release Concert

May 08, 2013.

Kris Allen

Please join us as we celebrate the long awaited "Circle House" CD release of Alto player & Jackie McLean Hartt School of music grad. Kris Allen.

Graduation from Hartt saw Allen moving to New York (with a detour to Tokyo) and diving into a thriving performing career. He began a long association with Kendrick Oliverʼs New Life Orchestra, and played regularly with the Curtis Brothers and Insight, as well as with vocalist Shawnn Monteiro. He also fronted several different groups of his own, and began to develop a mature voice as a composer and bandleader.

read more

An Evening of Jazz for Newtown in New Jersey

Apr 05, 2013.

Newtown, NJ

The world is a crazy place…. The one thing that seems to keep us together is family. Recently, the Greene family faced a tragedy that no one would think possible. Such a loving kind family with love always spilling out onto the people around them. Most of us cannot imagine what the Greene family is coping with but we can surely show our support. read more

Mitch Frohman with the Curtis Brothers

Mar 20, 2013.

Mitch Frohman

New music from the mind of Mitch Frohman. Latin-Jazz Quartet.

After 25 years of playing with Tito Puente, many years with Mongo Santamaria, and currently with groups like his Bronx Horns, Mambo Legends Orchestra and The Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Mitch Frohman has embarked on a new small group project featuring himself on sax and flute accompanied by the Curtis Brothers Trio, playing new original music in the classic Tito Puente/ Mongo Santamaria style that has brought him acclaim for over 37 years to all corners of the world. More videos of this new group will be forthcoming and expect a new CD to be released by Fall/2013. Of course you can hear his signature sound everyday on television as he is the saxophonist on the theme of the mega-hit TV show “Sex and The City”. You can also check him out on and/or read more

Earshot Jazz Interview With Nick Roseboro

Feb 13, 2013.

Nick Roseboro

I remember three little cats with trumpets – Owuor Arunga, Carter Yasutake and Nick Roseboro. Kassa Overall, the drummer presently with the great Geri Allen, was also present. These names would become familiar in the jazz community of Seattle and beyond. I met them when they were barely in their teens at an open mic session I used to host at the old Mecca in Seattle. Fortunately, I recently caught up with the quiet one, Nick Roseboro, here in NYC. read more

Philip Dizack reviewed in Downbeat

Nov 30, 2012.

End of an Era

End of an Era Review in Downbeat

by Frank Alkyer

Philip Dizack is a terrific trumpeter with a grand vision. He drives a beautiful tone from his instrument, and thoughtfulness is a hallmark of his compositions and arrangements. On his latest album, End Of An Era, Dizack digs deep into the concept of expressing change and loss—specifically, losing his grandparents, experiencing the end of relationships and watching the devastation caused by the Haitian earthquake in 2010.

New Artist

Sep 09, 2012.


Truth Revolution Records prides itself on producing and distributing quality music and the month of September will be a pinnacle time for us as we release 3 albums simultaneously on Tuesday, September 4, 2012. We recently signed to the TRR family, Nick Roseboro and Sarah Elizabeth Charles and we are honored to finally present Kris Allen and his prolific album, 'Circle House'. Kris was featured on WNHU 88.7 FM this past week and reached thousands through the airwaves and on Sunday, September 2, 2012 from 4pm - 6pm EST both Nick and Sarah will be featured for the world to hear their music and talent. Sarah's debut album, 'RED' has also been on rotation at WCLK 91.9 FM and her the Sarah Elizabeth Charles Quartet will perform selections from her EP at the famous Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola on September 4, 2012. This music and more information about these artists can be found on our 'Artists' page as well as the links to their own websites giving you tour information, bios, music, videos and more. Truth Revolution Records would like to congratulate these artists and ask that you support their music by purchasing a CD from our store and coming out to their live shows, which will always leave you wanting more!

Natalie Fernandez Performs At The Shrine!

Mar 29, 2012.

Natalie Fernandez at ShrineCome out for a night of latin soul jazz with compositions from North and South America. Accompanied by Jarrett Cherner on piano, Alex Hernandez on Bass, and Reinaldo DeJesus on percussion/drumset.

Don't miss it!


Located at 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Blvd in New York
City. That's 7th Avenue between 133rd and 134th St.

Right off...
the 135th St. stop on the 2/3 train
the 135th St. stop from the B train
and the M2 bus from the East -Village stops
right in front of Shrine's door.

Andrei Matorin re-releases 'Opus'

Jan 31, 2012.

Presently living in New York City, Matorin will re-release OPUS on Truth Revolution Records on February 28, 2012, following rave reviews including “Editor’s Picks” on He has performed and recorded with world-renowned and award-winning musicians such as Rosa Passos, Claudio Roditi, Tiger Okoshi, Nilson Matta, Oscar Stagnaro, John Lockwood, Bob Moses, Christian Scott among countless others. Invited twice to attend the prestigious Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Residency Program, his passion continues to drive him towards success and originality. Preview this CD

Completion of Proof #1 on the 25 Best Jazz Albums of 2011

Dec 19, 2011.

The Curtis Brothers - Completion of Proof

Most years, trying to decide just which jazz album is the year’s best is a crapshoot. This year, however, there’s one that stands out over the rest of a very strong crop, and that’s the Curtis Brothers’ Completion of Proof. Written by pianist Zaccai Curtis as the Bush regime was finally coming to an end, it’s a towering, sometimes wrathful, cruelly sarcastic concept album that explores the effects of fascism and those who perpetrate it, from the school hall monitor to heads of state. As political art, it ranks with Mingus and Shostakovich for its insight and bleak, ironic wit: as music, it’s hard-hitting, ambitious but searingly melodic, as political music has to be. Drummer Ralph Peterson (who also put out a dynamite album of his own this year, Outer Reaches, a Larry Young tribute) gets special mention for propelling this monster: the rest of the cast includes Luques Curtis, Jimmy Greene, Brian Lynch, Donald Harrison and Pedrito Martinez.

Curtis Brothers Release Concert in Hartford - December 9th

Nov 20, 2011.

For reservations: 860-757-4895
December 9th
Doors Open at 8:00 PM
Curtis Brothers Performing at the Wadsworth Atheneum
Wadsworth Atheneum 600 Main St Hartford, CT 06103
featuring... Ralph Peterson, Brian Lynch, and Donlad Harrison!
Tickets are only $15 each to see these incredible multi grammy winning performers on the same stage!
More details will be updated here so please join our mailing list!

Curtis Brothers' Completion of Proof Get Reviewed on All About Jazz!

Oct 29, 2011.

Drawing upon influences ranging from traditional bop to classical, and even funk, The Curtis Brothers have been making a name for themselves as one of the up-and-coming talents of swing in a seemingly swingless era. Legendary hard bop drummer Ralph Peterson Jr. calls The Curtis Brothers "the real deal" the classic undersell for what may be the future for traditional jazz. Artistic integrity, along with a vibrant broad based sound catapults The Curtis Brothers to the head of the pack in charting a new course and raising the bar for others to follow with originality, sincerity and a decidedly personal swing all their own.

Natalie Fernandez finishing her debut album

Oct 21, 2011.

Natalie Fernandez - photosjg.comNuestro Tango is comprised of great Tango Classics infused with Latin and Caribbean rhythms (curtis Bros style! ;). This project is also featuring some of the best musicians on the Latin scene today! In the frontline we have, Julie Acosta - Trumpet, Kaji - Trombone, Zach Lucas - Alto and Tenor Sax with the Curtis Brothers Quartet holding it down with special guests Obanilu on Percussion, Orlando Vega on Percussion.. It features some of the music of the great Astor Piazola and older Argentinian Candombes. It's been a year in production now so we're almost ready to release some of the music, videos and pictures. This will be the new project of the Curtis Brothers and with an entirely new type of music. Keep checking up on us for the details!

Curtis Brothers Reach Their Goal

Apr 15, 2011.

The Curtis Brothers reached out to thousands of their fans on February 1st of this year. On March 1st their goal of $7000 was reached! $7541 was reached at the end of their time.

Curtis Brothers "BSLWF" gets 4 stars!

Mar 29, 2011.

The Curtis Brothers - Blood, Spirit, Land, Water, Freedom Reviewed

Check out the new review in Downbeat magazine in the April issue 2010. A 4 star review by Michael Jackson begins with "I like these guys and concur with the passionately intense essay printed in the CD gatefold supporting the lofty titly to this collection of (primarily) originals, successfully blending classical, Latin and bebop influences."...pick up a copy to read more! -a shout out to our brother Christian Scott on the front cover!

Curtis Brothers "BSLWF" gets 4 stars!

TRR Welcomes New Artist Natalie Fernandez

Jan 27, 2011.

Natalie Fernandez is one of the leading young vocalist on the Tango scene. This Argentinean singer is by no means limited to one style but a shining star when it comes to R&B,