Eva Cortés

Eva Cortés

“My music is nothing but a reflection of what my life has been”

Honduran singer-songwriter, composer Eva Cortés possesses one of the most singular and compelling voices in jazz and creative music. Her music honors her roots and looks to the future with depth and passion. She sees herself as a woman of today with the advantage of growing up in a multicultural milieu and primed for the journey by a musical family of singers, instrumentalists and music teachers.

Cortés’ journey has traversed many roads: through an uncle, she was exposed to soul, funk and the music of Motown and through her grandparents, the world of opera. And when it comes to describing her music, she confesses that jazz is her mainstay. But ultimately, she creates music without borders.

Her formation began at a very early age. At the age of three, her family moved to a neighborhood in Sevilla, Spain where flamenco was part of the fabric of everyday life. According to Cortés, “Everybody sang, cooked and played the radio with the window open. It impregnates you.” She recorded her first demo tape at the age of four which led to her first album, titled “Kid’s Stuff,” where she collaborated with three renowned Spanish artists – Ana Belen, Miguel Bose, Victor Manuel – and the band, Mocedades.

During her teens she performed with amateur bands and Spanish blues bands, which were all the rage. Around the same time, she was exposed to the music of Billie Holliday and by extension, jazz. One of Cortés’ main influences is the Spanish flamenco singer, Camarón de la Isla, who she met and performed with at the age of seventeen. She is listed in album credits for “Soy Gitano,” as a backup singer.(READ MORE at JazzDeLaPena.com

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