Carlos Abadie

Carlos Abadie

Carlos started his professional career with Jason Linder and his Big Band(some of the sidemen at the time were Mark Turner, Avi Leibo, Omar Avital, Fabio Morgeira and Danny Friedman), then on to Ben Dixon’s Sextet and Charlie Persips’ Big Band. By 2005 he was playing with Illinois Jacquet’s Big Band (where his section mates were Sean Jones, Freddie Hendrix and Antoine Drye). In 2009 Carlos had the opportunity to play in Odean Pope’s ensemble “Odean’s List”. Being in that ensemble enabled Carlos to travel much of Europe. February 2012 Abadie met and became friends with bassist and historian Andy Gonzalez. Through this recent association with Andy Gonzalez, Abadie has had the opportunity to get in touch with some of his Latin American roots. Because of Mr. Gonzalez Carlos has had the opportunity to play with Grupo Folklorico y Experimental Nuevayorquino(of which he is the newest member) and Conjunto Libre(formerly lead by the great Manny Oquendo). Playing with these groups has given Carlos the opportunity to work with many of the greats in Afro-Cuban and Puerto-Rican music (such as Nicky Marrero, Jimmy Delgado, Jerry Gonzalez, Steve Berrios, Charlie Santiago, Pedrito Martinez, Oscar Hernandez, Nelson Gonzalez and many more).
Abadie, who did NOT grow up speaking Spanish, is a part of a generation of players who happen to be Jazz musicians of Latin American descent as opposed to being a Latin Jazz musician. So he welcomes the chance to learn more about the different Latin American cultures and the Latin American experience.

In his 20 years as a professional in New York City, Carlos has worked with Junior Mance, Charlie Persip, Billy Hart, Odean Pope, Louis Hayes, Ben Dixon, Illinois Jaquet, Ira Sullivan, Oliver Lake, Frank Lacey Big Band, David Murray, Ben Wolfe, James Carter, Freddie Redd, Ned Goold, Mike Karn, Melton Mustafa, Pete Minger, Bill Mobely, Ellington Orchestra, Kevin Mahogony, Ray Santos Orchestra, Bobby Sanabria's Big Band, Grupo Folklorico, Conjunto Libre, Andy Gonzalez, Jerry Gonzalez, Steve Berrios, Joel Ford, Steve Turre and Johnny “Pequeño" Rivero’s The NY CARTEL to name a few.

The Carlos Abadie Quintet was formed in 2008 after hearing tenor saxophonist Joe Sucato at Cleopatra’s Needle one night. “My dear friend Julius Tolentino was running the session that night at The Needle. I had already known Joe for a bit and as I was listening to him I thought to myself, this cat would be the right cat to start a band with.” Now in 2013 with Peter Zak on piano, Clovis Nicolas on bass and Luca Santaniello on drums, Carlos has managed to put a band together of like minded individuals which contributes to their great chemistry on and off the bandstand. They’ve been making regular appearances in the tri-state area and internationally while supporting his debut album 2010’s, “Immersed in the Quest Vol 1: Introducing The Carlos Abadie Quintet”. This disc will be re-released by Truth Revolution Records alongside the most recent “Immersed in the Quest Vol 2: Carlito’s Way” produced by Andy Gonzalez. The double release is due out this coming Spring/Summer. With these releases, we find Carlos coming full circle as he just moved back to Jersey City, a mere 10 blocks from where he was born, with aspirations of taking his Quintet around the world.

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