Pharez Whitted - The Tree of Life


The Tree of Life

1 Afghanistan
2 Perfect Stranger
3 Journey Home
4 My Brother's Keeper
5 Kayode
6 Long Gone Remix
7 Everlasting
8 I'm in Love Again
9 The Bass Player
10 So Wonderful
11 The Tree of Life


Pharez Whitted - Trumpet and Flugelhorn, and Voice Box
Edwin Bayard - Tenor Saxophone
Lovell Bradford - Piano, Keyboards, Organ and Vocals
Jonathan Wood - Bass
Greg Artry - Drums
Opal Staples - Vocals
Dionne Custer Edwards - Poetry
John Robinson - MC
S.P.I.R.I.T. - Lyricist
Carnell "Necessary" Willoughby
Malik "Balance" Willoughby
Lawrence "Rizz" Willoughby
Kenyatta "Creamy Dark" Willoughby

Produced by Pharez Whitted
All songs written by Pharez Whitted except where noted
Recorded by: Gary Mielke at Static Shack, Indianapolis IN
Recorded Opal Staples Vocals by: Arnell Newman at Soulistic 306
Elossmoor IL
Recorded Dionne Custer Edwards, S.P.I.R.I.T. Vocals: Storm9000 at New Media Institute LLC
Mixed and Mastered by: Danny Leake at Urban Guerrilla Engineers, Chicago IL

All photos by: Helene Roam
Cover Design by: Visual Champagne
Get Whitted Music/BMI
A Little Science Music/ASCAP
MusiqHaus Management: Tiffany Ente,

Liner Notes

Practically everyone in the house played an instrument and that raw talent surely wouldn’t be wasted on Pharez Whitted either. At the age of nine he found a trumpet in the closet and asked his brother to show him how to play a C major scale, and it was all over – he was hooked. It wasn’t just that his father (Thomas Whitted Sr.) played drums with Freddie Hubbard and Wes Montgomery, or that his mother (Virtue Whitted) sang and played the bass, it was the deeply rooted love he had for the music and his close ties with it.

If you asked Pharez what inspires his music, he’d say that the world needs hope and beauty and his compositions were created for that purpose. His music is for the people, to lift them up and inspire beautiful thoughts and a harmonious vibe throughout the universe. One love, one universal voice. That voice is heard loud and clear in his newest release, ‘The Tree Of Life’.  In this album he wanted people to feel the music he performs more than just to think about it from a musical standpoint.  One of his biggest goals is to perform music that is accessible to everyday people but still speaks to life and creativity while elevating their mind and spirit to dream and visualize possibilities that they never imagined.  That is a lofty goal, but he has hit that mark and beyond.

What Pharez has prided himself on are the members of the band in his current project ‘The Tree of Life’ whom he says are all extremely creative in their own right. They have a very unique voice on their respective instruments, and a beautiful spirit, which is what drew him to them in the first place.  The members in his new band are Jonathan Wood on bass, Edwin Bayard on tenor sax, Lovell Bradford on piano and keys, and Greg Artry on drums and percussion.  You can find out more about the band and the music by visiting the Tree Of Life page.

Pharez is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and attended DePauw University and Indiana University with a focus on music. He has participated in several television events including The Billboard Music Awards and The Arsenio Hall Show. He was an artist on MoJazz, Motown’s Jazz label and worked with a variety of artists including George Duke, Elvin Jones, Slide, Hampton, Branford Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, David Baker, Ramsey Lewis, Lou Rawls,  Bobby Broom, John Mellencamp and El Debarge.  He also had two albums on the jazz charts in the top 10 (“Transient Journey 2010 “and “For the People” 2012).

In addition to his work as a musician, Pharez is a producer, composer, arranger and educator. He has taught Jazz Trumpet, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz History and has directed jazz ensembles at various Universities and High Schools throughout the country. Presently he serves as the Director of Jazz Studies at Chicago State University and is part of the faculty at the Rivinia’s prestigious Jazz Scholar Program in Chicago.


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