Nick Roseboro - Passageway


1. Passageway I (6:03)
2. Aspects (5:35)
3. Excerpt From Myrrh (4:38)
4. Desired Constellation (3:37)
5. Excerpt From Flagships (5:08)
6. Passageway II (10:08)
7. Relentless Motion (4:06)
8. Fly (7:54)
9. Modus Operandi (6:02)


Nick Roseboro, trumpet
Jarod Kashkin, piano (1, 3-8)
Travis Reuter, guitar
Jorge Roeder, bass
Rogério Boccato, drums & percussion

Produced by Nick Roseboro
Executive Production by the Curtis Brothers
Mixed & Mastered by Michael Perez-Cisneros
Recorded by Owen Muir at the Muir Residence, July 5, 2009

All songs arranged by Nick Roseboro, except “Fly,” by Jarod Kashkin

Design by Nick Roseboro
Photography by Elizabeth Leitzell


Liner Notes

This album is dedicated to life. Life is all we know and what we cling to everyday. All of our journeys through life are different and effect each others journey. The music on this album is a representation of life and balance and the first of many to come. Many thanks to the band Jarod Kashkin, Travis Reuter, Jorge Roeder & Rogerio Boccato.

Pasageway Session Photos by Elizabeth Leitzell


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