Mitch Frohman - From Daddy with Love


1. Mambo De Nice (5:20)
2. Cha Cha With the Bronx Horn (Truth Revolution Cha Cha) (6:42)
3. Sex & the City (4:23)
4. Accents Con Ritmo (6:06)
5. El Rumbon Del Bariton (10:14)
6. Mas Flauta (4:15)
7. From Daddy With Love (Vocal Version) (4:14)
8. Mongo's Groove (7:52)
9. The Girl From Java (5:45)
10. Mambo Sin Fronteras (5:24)
11. Soprano Con Soul (11:39)
12. 4b Cha Cha (Bari, Bass, Bongo & the Bell) (5:19)
13. From Daddy With Love (Instrumental) (5:39)


Mitch Frohman--Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax & Flute
Zaccai Curtis--Piano
Luques Curtis--Acoustic Bass
Joel Mateo--Drums (miscellaneous percussion on "Soprano Con Soul")

John "Dandy" Rodriguez--Congas, Bongos, Bell & Guiro
Jorge Maldonado--Vocal on "From Daddy With Love"

DENICE FROHMAN--Spoken word artist on "Accents Con Ritmo"
(2013 Women Of The World Poetry Slam Champion)

Vocal Coros on "Cha Cha With The Bronx Horn"
Jorge Maldonado, Marco Bermudez, Gerardo Madera

Added musicians on "From Daddy With Love" (vocal version)
Violins: Ali Bello
              Maria Im
              Machiko Ozawa
              Matt Aprea
Cello:   Rubin Kodheli
Acoustic Guitar: Rafael Rosa
Trombones: Sam Burtis
               Tokunori Kajiwara
                Joe Beaty
                Dave Chamberlain

Producer: Mitchell Frohman
Engineer: Max Ross
Mixing: Max Ross & Mitchell Frohman
Mastering: Max Ross
Recording Studio : Systems Two
                                  117 Ditmas ave,
                                    Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218

Artwork/CD package design:
CD Cover Artwork:  Terri Frohman
CD Package Design & Artwork: Edward LaRose

All Songs Composed and Arranged by Mitchell Frohman except:

"Sex and The City"--composed by Doug Coumo
                                  arranged by Zaccai Curtis

"Accents Con Ritmo"--Lyrics by Denice Frohman (music by Mitchell Frohman)

"From Daddy With Love"(vocal version)--Arranged by Jose Madera
(Lyrics/Music by Mitchell Frohman)

All songs Published in JTD Music (BMI)
(except for  Sex & The City--LT Music/BMI)

Liner Notes

   I remember like it was yesterday when 38 years ago Joe Cuba let me play with his band and get a taste of this wonderful music. He would continue to let me play with him over that summer. I was hooked. Within a short period of time I was subbing in the bands of Tito Puente, Charlie Palmieri and Kako. I was then asked to join the Tito Puente Orchestra (by Jimmy Frisaura--Tito's partner & the bandleader behind the scenes). That started a 25 year membership in the exclusive club known as the Tito Puente Orchestra (later  also to be known as the Tito Puente Latin-Jazz Ensemble). Other bands and artists I have been closely associated ran the spectrum from  Mongo Santamaria, Celia Cruz, La Lupe,Cheo Feliciano, Eddie Palmieri, Blood Sweat & Tears, Paul Simon, David Byrne, The Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Milly & Los Vecinos and even Aventura ! (Of course I still lead The Bronx Horns, The Eddie Torres Mambo Kings(Dance/Show) Orchestra and Co-Lead The Mambo Legends Orchestra).
   There are too many musicians that have helped me along the way, but I appreciate everyone whose path I have come across and learned from. Starting with all of my professors at the U. of Miami School of Music (especially my first 'real' saxophone teacher Kirby Campbell). The legendary George Coleman with whom I had the amazing opportunity to study with on a  summer break during my college years as a result of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. To Bobby Porcelli, Dick Mesa, Mario Rivera, Bobby Nelson, Paquito Pastor, Joe Mannozzi, Louis Bauzo, Jose Madera, Johnny Rodriguez, Sonny Bravo, Jimmy Sabater, Oscar Hernandez & most importantly my dear friend Pedro Miranda----you have all been instrumental in my development.
To all of the musicians on this record---thank you for your world class talents.
To Johnny Rodriguez--the class you add to this project is historical. Thank You.
To Jose Madera--Your arranging skills deserve worldwide attention. There are none better than you. Thank You.
To the Curtis Brothers (Zaccai and Luques) & Joel Mateo---you guys are the future of this music ! Thank you.
To all of the dancers--your support for our music has always been greatly appreciated. As Tito Puente used to say--"Without the music there would be no dancers, but without the dancers there would be no music." We are a team.

   Traveling around the world for so many years has given me a unique perspective in life. It is the best education one can have. I encourage all of you to explore other cultures around the world and see how our similarities outweigh our differences  The world would be a better place if we all experienced other cultures and saw that everyone really just wants the same thing. To be healthy, happy, safe and have loving friends and family. Which brings me to the most important point----------
   To my 4 grandparents (Jacob & Jean Frohman/ Dan & Fay Nadel) that are no longer with us----I miss you all very deeply but I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to grow up with all 4 of you and be so close with all of you. I  think of you everyday.
   To my parents (Paul & Muriel Frohman)--without your love and support I could never have become the person I am today. You are the best parents in the world and I love both of you very much.
   To my children--Jeanie, Terri & Denice (as the words of my song states)--'You'll never realize how much you mean to me'.
You have given me more joy than anything I could have ever dreamed of and nothing is more important in my life than you. The pride I have in all 3 of you is indescribable. Thank you for your unconditional love as I will always be there for the 3 of  you.
- Mitch Frohman

1. Mambo De Nice- A classic original mambo bebop song evoking memories of the Tito Puente and Machito latin bebop tunes of the 1950's/1960's.

2.Cha Cha With The Bronx Horn--Also know as "Truth & Revolution Cha Cha" this song should be a listener and dancers delight. And to all the Cha Cha dancers at all of the Salsa Congresses in the world---this is for you !

3.Sex & The City- As the sax soloist on the original TV show theme for Sex & The City I get requested to play this theme all over the world. As much of the TV theme was my improvisation I decided to record the song in my latin-jazz style with an amazing adaptation and arrangement by Zaccai Curtis that also features the legendary Johnny Rodriguez on Bongos.

4. Accents Con Ritmo- Inspired by Tito Puente's Ti-Mon-Bo, I wrote a song which features the talents of the 2013 Women of the World Poetry Slam Champ Denice Frohman. The fact that she is my daughter makes this extra special but she is featured on this song strictly because of her talent. Her original lyrics should strike a chord with many families who have come to this country from somewhere else to make a new life while maintaining their cultural heritage. John Rodriguez(bongos) and Joel Mateo(drums) also provide classics "palladium" inspired solos.

5. El Rumbon Del Bariton-In a nod to the Afro-Cuban Rumba tradition where the vocalists and percussionists interact, I try to recreate that feeling with my baritone sax. The rhythm section smokes!

6.Mas Flauta- Inspired by the feeling of Tito Puente's "Mas Bajo" (one of my favorite songs I played while with Tito), dancers and listeners will enjoy this flute groove. Also featured are the Curtis brothers trading piano & bass solos which should make their parents very happy!

7. From Daddy With Love (vocal version)-When my oldest daughter got married (like all fathers) I was reflecting on how time flies while watching your angel grow up from 'Daddy's Little Girl' to a beautiful independent woman. I decided I wanted to write a song expressing those feelings which all parents can relate to. I hope I have achieved that universal fatherly message with this song. There is nothing more important in life than your children and making sure they grow up safe, happy & healthy.
 While Jorge Maldonado is most widely know as a star vocalist in the salsa world he reaches new heights with his interpretation of this song. The great Jose Madera takes the song to new heights with his lovely orchestration which will evoke memories of the classic arrangements of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Cheo Feliciano & Tito Rodriguez. It is my hope that other fathers will consider this song as their Father/Daughter dance when it comes time to walk their own "Daddy's Little Girl" down the aisle.

8.Mongo's Groove-an exciting latin-jazz funky cha cha reminiscent of my years with Mongo Santamaria

9. The Girl From Java-- A beautiful haunting guajira dedicated to someone very special.

10.Mambo Sin Fronteras- meaning "Mambo Without Borders", a swinging uptempo descarga for the whole world, featuring my flute work trading with the incredible piano of Zaccai Curtis. A fiery drum solo by Joel Mateo completes this arrangement. Dancers will burn the floor with this one.

11.Soprano Con Soul-- As a child of the1960's where soul music, rock & roll, jazz & latin music were prominent in my musical education , I decided show the connections between these styles. Check out how the soulful groove with jazz overtones eventually morphs into an "in the pocket" cha cha.

12. 4B Cha Cha- The 4 B's stand for Bari Sax,Bass, Bongos & most importantly the (Cow)Bell ! I decided to write a tune which featured myself on Bari Sax trading solos with the most musical bell player in the world--John"Dandy"Rodriguez. We then invite Luques Curtis to join in on bass with Johnny then switching to bongos.

13. From Daddy With Love (instrumental version)-- Jazz quartet version of my original ballad/bolero dedicated to my 3 daughters Jeanie, Terri & Denice.


Chip Boaz

Solar Latin Club

I've just finished listening to Mitch Frohman's "From Daddy With Love" on Truth Revolution Records and I have to say that it's a winner. It's an aurally blissful record. Mitch is accompanied by Zaccai Curtis, Luques Curtis and Joel E. Mateo who all sound so seasoned. Now I know Zaccai and Luques work quite a bit. And though I amnot too familiar with Joel's playing, I'm sure he's doing his fair share of work here in NYC.. But when I say seasoned, I mean these cats sound like they have been on this planet way beyond their years of existing. This record, Mitch Frohman and the rest of the quartet are definitely a testament to the tradition of Afro-Cuban music. And who better to come from than a musical veteran on the scene like Mitch Frohman!

In a time when everything is sounding like a Fusion of two or three(sometimes more)different types of music; in a time when so called "innovative artist" are starting to sound like cookie cutter versions of one another, it's nice to hear a record that I can sit back and actually enjoy from beginning to end. I was Not being taken through a "cinematic" experience or some "epic" aural voyage like most "artists" are going for(as if in this day and age we all don't get enough visual stimulation as it is). I was just at home listening to really good music. And most of the time that's all I really want to experience when I put on a record. I just want to listen, tap my foot, maybe dance and get lost in beautifully improvised solos. And "From Daddy With Love" did that for me. Congrats on this outing Mitch!! I really admire where you are coming from and you for sharing it with us.

-Carlos Abadie

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