Kris Allen - Circle House


1. Circle House (5:50)
2. Hopewell (5:05)
3. Foti and Liminitz (7:41)
4. Overshadow (5:17)
5. Passing (9:07)
6. Star Eyes (4:54)
7. Blood Count (7:52)
8. Compassion (9:34)
9. No Eye Has Seen (4:33)


Kris Allen - Alto Sax

Zaccai Curtis - Piano

Luques Curtis - Bass

Eric McPherson - Drums


All compositions written by Kris Allen except Star Eyes (Don aRye and Gene De Paul) and Blood Count (Billy Strayhorn)

All arrangements by Kris Allen


A Curtis Brothers Production

Edited by Zaccai Curtis

Mixed and Mastered by Tyler McDiarmid

Recorded and Engineered at Bennett Studios

Recorded May 8th 2011

Album Art by Edward LaRose

Album Design by Ali Fuji

Copyright 2011

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Liner Notes


Circle House and Hopewell are dedicated to Love 146, the Not For Sale Campaign, and everyone throughout the world engaged in the fight to end human trafficking.  Overshadow and Compassion are re-workings of material originally written for the community of St. Pauls Church in Storrs, CT and represent meditations on the life of Christ.  Passing and Star Eyes are dedicated to the memory of my teacher, the late great Jackie McLean.  Blood Count is dedicated to the memory of Joshua Wittenberg.  Foti and Liminitz is dedicated to Avery and Rory, the real F&L.  No Eye Has Seen is dedicated to the love of my life and best friend, Jen.  It was composed for our wedding on October 6th, 2001. 


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