Joshua Kwassman - Songs of the Brother Spirit


1. Our Land (9:34)
2. We Were Kids (6:30)
3. In Light There Is Song (12:25)
4. 2/22
5. Meditation (4:49)
6. Nowhere Trail (11:49)
7. Nowhere Trail II (6:37)
8. Nowhere Trail III (8:53)



Gilad Hekselman - guitar
Joshua Kwassman - all compositions, alto/soprano saxes, clarinet, flute, melodica
Arielle Feinman - Voice/Glockenspiel
Jeff Miles - guitar
Angelo Di Loreto - Piano
Adam Kromelow - Piano
Rodrigo Recabarren - Drums
Craig Akin - Bass
Produced by Joshua Kwassman
Mixed at 76th Street Studios
Mastered by Allan Tucker/Foothill Digital

Joshua would like to thank:
Arielle, Angelo, Adam, Gilad, Jeff, Craig
and Rodrigo for making dreams come true.

Stuart and Barbara Kwassman,
for life, liberty, and the pursuit of music.

Jaimie and Eric Burns, Devon
Kwassman, and Noel and Cait Russ.
Madison, for whom 2/22 was written.

Drew Guido, for guido-ance
and recording beautifully.

George Stevens, for the light
he continues to shine.

Allan Tucker, for mastery of
mastering, and its inherent artistry.

My friends at NYU Art History, for their support,
and for giving me faith in humanity.

Justin Butler, my brother.

Liner Notes

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