Giovanni Almonte - High vs. Low


1. Cold Suns (5:13)
2. Kings & Queens (4:46)
3. La Ilusión (3:30)
4. Wrong Intro (0:39)
5. Wrong (5:23)
6. Mil Voces (5:12)
7. Siénteme (5:56)
8. Vientos De Abril (3:14)
9. Soy (1:55)
10. Darkest Water (4:49)
11. Urgente Intro (1:34)
12. Urgente (5:53)
13. I Want It (6:16)
14. Santo Domingo (0:52)
15. I Choose (4:16)

Copyright 2009
Integriti Group Publishing
Under License To Truth Revolution Records, NYC
A Truth Revolution Records Production


Vocals: Giovanni Almonte
Piano: Zaccai Curtis
Trumpet: Julie 'Jewls' Acosta
Bass: Panagiotis Andreou
Drums: Obed Calvaire
Drums: Kenny Grohowski
Congas & Percussion: Rey De Jesus

Special Guests:
Justine Acosta - Vocals - Siénteme
Pedro Martinez - Batas/Congas/Percussion/Vocals - Soy, Darkest Water, I Want It, Santo Domingo
Marshall Gilkes - Trombone - Siénteme, Cold Suns, Vientos De Abril
Mike Dease - Trombone - Urgente, I Want It
Chuito Quintero - Percussion - Siénteme
Meena Cho - Cello - Vientos De Abril, Wrong
David Marks - Violin - Vientos De Abril, Wrong

Lyrics by Giovanni Almonte except for La Ilusión, Mil Voces, Vientos De Abril and Urgente, Lyrics written by Amaury Fermin. Music by Giovanni Almonte with the exception of 'Sienteme' written by Giovanni Almonte and Julie Acosta and 'I Want It' written by Giovanni Almonte and Vanessa Gallagher. 'Santo Domingo' was written by Julie Acosta. All tracks produced by the band. Recorded at Skylight Studios. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Guido Diaz. All tracks published by Integriti Group. Photos and Cover Design by Luis Guillen.

Liner Notes

This album is dedicated first and foremost to the musicians that helped me create it. Without them this would not be the inspired album that it is. God blessed New York City with the musical talent of the world's best and this is one of those examples. This is a work of collective passion and joy. By the blessings of life this group was allowed to come together, for all the right reasons, and create a collaboration absent of ego or self-consciousness. It was a struggle, but a beautiful one. I want to thank my teachers, friends and now family for their love and work. To my band - Julie, Ray, Obed, Kenny, Pana and Zaccai. You have given me my dream and I hope I at least gave you the opportunity to play on one more album you can be proud of.

Very special thanks to:
Mother. Father. Sister and Sister. Karina. Roi.

My God, My One.

Elizabeth and Claudio Hintermann for their generosity and faith. Amaury Fermin for his talent and inspiration. Mia Metcalf, Robert Goethals, Ursula Liang, Mary Porter, Elvin Christian, Leo Nunez and Family.


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