Cocomama - Quiero


1. Quiero (3:49)
2. Se Feliz (3:48)
3. Amor En Diciembre (4:40)
4. Il Faut Me Jurer M'aimer (3:59)
5. Sivuca (3:44)
6. A Mi Medida (5:58)
7. Is It Love? (5:43)
8. Sin Piel (4:54)
9. Mi La Re Sol (2:29)
10. Raisajes Cubanos (3:57)
11. Todo (3:40)


Nicki Denner - Musical Director, Piano, Keyboards, Melodica, Vocals
Mayra Casales - Congas, Bongos, Miscellaneous Percussion, Vocals
Sofia Tosello - Vocals
Reut Regev - Trombone
Ariacne Trujillo - Vocals, Piano
Jennifer Vincent - Acoustic and Baby Bass, Cello, Vocals
Christelle Durandy - Vocals, Batá Drums, Body Percussion
Yanet Montero - Timbales, Congas
Karina Colis - Drumset

Special Guest
Camille Thurman - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones

Liner Notes

The debut album Quiero celebrates the coming together of wide ranging musical experiences, three different languages and the collective artistry of nine creative women. Quiero showcases the band members' songwriting abilities and individual musical strengths. “It was time to make a recording reflecting our current sound because so many people associated us only with Latin dance music.” by Musical Director Nicki Denner


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