Andrei Matorin - Opus


1. Smile (8:46)
2. Then and Now (7:39)
3. Coming Home (7:30)
4. Silver Blue (6:25)
5. Trancoso (6:25)
6. One Last Song (7:45)
7. Hymn No.1 (7:02)
8. Sunday Blues (5:16)


Andrei Matorin- Violin
Takeshi Ohbayashi- Piano
Luques Curtis- Bass
Dan Pugach- Drums

Produced by: Andrei Matorin
Engineered By: Jeremy Loucas
Recorded at Kampo Studios, NY

Liner Notes


“Andrei Matorin is a young, talented violinist, and Opus is his first recording as a leader. Another in the long line of great artists coming out of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Matorin now calls New York City his home. Expect to hear a lot of him there in the coming years. As for Opus, it’s a terrific collection of eight original tracks that show off Matorin as a fine composer as well as improviser. He’s joined on the record by Takeshi Ohbayashi on piano, Luques Curtis on bass and Dan Pugach on drums. The group is tight and modern, but still gives a pleasant nod to the jazz tradition. Matorin and Ohbayashi both play beautifully, especially on the ballad “Coming Home.” Pugach is rock-solid on drums throughout. And Matorin and bassist Curtis give the album’s final track, “Sunday Blues,” a cool ride in what sounds like a Ray Brown-inspired blues. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for Andrei Matorin. He’s a contender.”
– Frank Alkyer, Editor Downbeat Magazine

“He is just a great musician!”
- Paquito D’Rivera

“Andrei Matorin is a really fine jazz violinist and composer,  One of the best that I know of…  It has been a pleasure watching him develop into a player and writer of such taste and creativity”
– Matt Glaser

“[Andrei] has shown remarkable talent and great potential in classical music and jazz.[...] He has been a passionate improviser who can add beautiful color and energy to my compositions”
– Tiger Okoshi

“Andrei is not just a fine musician, but a beautiful person, a Spiritual being with vision and purpose. As a friend and collaborator, I really look forward to seeing and hearing what he comes up with in the future.”
– Rakalam Bob Moses

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