Albert Rivera - Back At It


1. He Said She Said (9:05)
2. Back At It (4:51)
3. Misunderstood (4:08)
4. One More Once (Interlude) (0:42)
5. Distance of Your Smile (4:48)
6. Remember When (6:37)
7. Disappearing Footsteps (10:58)
8. Forty Two Point (3:39)
9. You Said What (6:44)
10. The Injustice of Justice (6:31)


Albert Rivera - Tenor Sax
Zaccai Curtis - Piano
Jonathan Michel - Bass
Luques Curtis - Bass
Ian Carroll - Drums
Beck Burger - Organ/ Keyboards
Andrew Lipow - Guitar
Andrew Hadro - Baritone Sax
Nick Roseboro - Trumpet

Liner Notes

 I once read that “Life is a marathon, not a sprint” -- it’s the idea of enjoying the journey, to notice what’s around you. There’s so much to take in. So why rush. I view music the same way. I create because of the love I have for the art. The only pressure you should ever feel is creating something you’re proud of. Work hard and stay focused. In the end, the results will inevitably surprise you. It’s been a while since the last record, but one thing is for sure, it feels good to be back. - Albert Rivera


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