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4 TRR artists perform with the great Eddie Palmieri!

May 24, 2016.

4 TRR artists perform with the great Eddie Palmieri!

Eddie Palmieri Reprises a Tantalizing ‘Harlem River Drive’
by Ben Ratliff for The New York Times
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Hartford Celebrates Paul Brown

Apr 29, 2016.

Bassist Paul Brown Matt Chasen writes about Hartford's Celebration of Bassist Paul Brown
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Ralph Peterson Jr - Triangular III Live Concert Review

Apr 22, 2016.

Triangular III Live Concert Review at NightTown

At the age of 53, Ralph Peterson has come full circle in terms of his role in modern jazz. Back in the '80s, he was considered a "young lion" when he debuted with hard bop collective Out of the Blue...
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Mitch Frohman Daddy with Love

Apr 11, 2016.

From Daddy With Love - album cover Mitch Frohman's 'From Daddy with Love' - Reviewed on

To be correct from the start, this recording by Mitch Frohman and his Latin Jazz Quartet, From Daddy With Love was released almost three years ago. But it still merits attention for the simple reason that the two-disc set is very possibly Frohman’s finest studio performance to date. It is a hard choice to make simply because Mitch Frohman is a consistently brilliant performer – live or in the studio. However, there is so much music to
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Triangular III

Mar 26, 2016.

Triangular III Triangular III
Ralph Peterson (Onyx-Truth Revolution)
by Russ Musto (REVIEW)

Drummer-led piano trio dates are uncommon entries within the jazz discography, differing from sessions under the leadership of pianists and bassists. Unshackled from the restrictive role of sideman, the drummer-leader is more apt to utilize the full dynamic range of his instrument, becoming more of a creative voice and less a metronomic timekeeper.
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