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Natalie Fernandez Releases 'A Un Semejante' Music Video

Jun 20, 2015.

A Un SemejanteNatalie Fernandez Releases 'A Un Semejante' Music Video

Natalie Fernandez makes her directorial debut in a timely video with music and lyrics from the 1976 classic by Eladia Blá more

Aidan Carroll Anchor Music News

Apr 23, 2015.

Aidan Carroll featured in Anchor Music News

I would say to think beyond your immediate area. Think broader. Always think broader. There’s going to be a time where we all have to develop our craft. That’s a given. Beyond that; music, art and living is about exchange. read more


Apr 23, 2015.

Cocomama featured at JazzDeLePena

The group dates back to 2005, when we got a call to perform at a fundraiser for then New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. The success of the performance led to other gigs and from this Cocomama was born. (read more).

Aidan Carroll CD Release Show

Apr 11, 2015.

Aidan CarrollAidan Carrol's "Original Vision" CD Release Show at Rockwood Music Hall on April 15th

Join Aidan Carroll as he celebrates the release of his forthcoming album Original Vision at Rockwood Music Hall. Carroll’s upcoming concert follows the release of his latest video for “Sundays” featuring Chris Turner. Rocking alongside the bassist on this joyous occasion are John Ellis (sax), Chris Turner (vocals), David Bryant (piano) and Justin Brown (drums). Tickets plus info, (click here).

Sarah Elizabeth Charles - Inner Dialogue

Apr 01, 2015.

Sarah Elizabeth CharlesSarah Elizabeth Charles' "Inner Dialogue" Now Available!

Sarah Elizabeth Charles’ sophomore record, “Inner Dialogue” is now released on Truth Revolution Records after two years of creatively crafting what has come to be a lush, modern and original collection of material. The release of this full-length project follows Charles’ debut EP, “Red”, which came out in 2012. This new recording is pushing even more boundaries and allowing Charles and her band, the S.E.Charles Quartet, to spread their wings and explore a more layered and produced sound.

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