Truth Revolution at the Zinc Bar NYC!

Jan 24, 2016.

Truth Revolution at the Zinc Bar NYC! Truth Revolution Records artists at the Zinc Bar coming up for 3 weeks straight!

All of these artists have new releases from 2015 and will be rocking their music this month at the Zinc Bar! So make your way down to the village and warm up at one of NYC's hottest Jazz establishments! Most of these shows have a jam session right after that attracts the city's finest young musicians so you might want to stick around for that as well!
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Andy Gonzales Interview about new Cd 'Entre Colega'

Jan 20, 2016.

Andy GonzalezAndy Gonzales Interview by Zaccai Curtis about new Cd 'Entre Colega'

Blurb: Who did you want to feature on this record?

I was working a lot with Ricky Salas on Timabals and he's a great singer. Nephew of Victor Pas and we started playing together at FB lounge. The more we played the more we hung out, I remember I played with Victor for years. ‘Mostro’ got in touch with Jerry on Facebook and I started hearing about him. One day a friend of ours brought us to detroit and he decided to bring Mostro into my world and introduce me to him. He said "Hey listen to this guy play cuatro and tell me who he is. " I said oh my God who the hell is this guy? …thats not Yomo Toro, I've played with him for a while. It was someone at that level ….of that caliber. We started to talk on the phone and he then came to my home and spent some time with me. Great musician.

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Aidan Carroll Downbeat Magazine Review

Nov 06, 2015.

Aidan CarrollAidan Carroll's Original Vision Reviewed in Downbeat Magazine!

There’s as much creativity in his reinvention of Billy Strayhorn’s “Day Dream”, the one non-original, a bass-piano duet with Fortner. “Shamanistic” is pulsing acoustic jazz with the subtlest sheen of keyboards (likely Carroll’s) creeping in toward the end....
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Sarah Elizabeth Charles - The Cell

Nov 06, 2015.

Sarah Elizabeth CharlesSarah Elizabeth Charles Quartet Residency at The Cell

The Sarah Elizabeth Charles Quartet will be playing our Residency at The Cell for the first three Saturdays of November (one set at 7:30pm) and I hope that you can make it out! We're fresh off of our West Coast run and cannot wait to continue to explore this music with and for you!

11/7 (double bill with James Hurt Quintet - Alone Together)
11/14 (double bill with The Shenel Johns Quintet)
11/21 (double bill with The Jarrett Cherner Trio)

Get your tickets at: The Cell Theatre

Ralph Irizarry - In Conversation with Master Timbalero

Oct 11, 2015.

Ralph IrizarryIn Conversation with Master Timbalero, Ralph Irizarry

Ralph Irizarry: This is not one of those stories about a famous musician who said, I started when I was three or four years old, like a lot of guys who had parents who were in the music business. Nobody in my family was in the music industry, but my father used to lend money to people, so I remember when I was about eight years old, my father lent money to a guy who was a drug-addict, 25 dollars or something like that, but the guy didn’t have the money to pay him back, so he offered him a set of timbales in exchange for the money. My father thought it was better to get something than nothing, so he accepted them (Laughs).

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